A message from the Dean of the Joint Graduate School in Science of School Education

研究科長 The Joint Graduate School (Ph.D. Program) in Science of School Education, Hyogo University of Teacher Education, has the following three missions: 1) solving the problems of school education, 2) establishing “science of school education” as an academic discipline, and 3) fostering practitioners in advanced research and teaching abilities, and researchers in advanced educational practices.

 The Joint Graduate School was launched in April 1996 as a joint venture by four participating universities—Hyogo University of Teacher Education, Joetsu University of Education, Okayama University‘s Faculty of Education, and Naruto University of Education. Hyogo University of Teacher Education was the primary school among them. There were two majors at the beginning — Field of School Instruction and Field of Content Area Instruction. Field of Instructional Development in Forefront Issues was established in 2009. In 2019, faculties of education of Gifu University and Shiga University participated in the Joint Graduate School program. As of April 2019, 681 students have enrolled in our school and 320 have obtained the Doctor of Philosophy degree among them.

  “Building the Science of Schooling” and “Building the Science of Schooling—Part 2” were published in March 1999 and September 2006, respectively. They systematized the studies in the science of school education. Also, "Journal for the Science of Schooling," first published in 2000, is now in its 20th edition, well known in academic and educational fields.

 Our school has been funding graduate students attending international academic conferences and participating in international internships to promote their academic research. The Joint Graduate School has launched joint research projects that strengthen cooperation among researchers from the six universities. These projects have developed the science of school education in tandem with individual research by teachers and students. It is our mission to return the fruit of the research to the society.

Thank you for your understanding and support for this graduate school.


(April 2019)