Apr. 1996 The Joint Graduate School (Ph. D. Program) in Science of School Education, Hyogo University of Teacher Education, established (annual enrollment: 24)
The first entrance ceremony for the Joint Graduate School conducted
May 1996 Professor Hamana Tokio appointed the first Dean
Apr. 1998 Professor Hamana Tokio reappointed the Dean
Mar. 1999 The first ceremony of conferring Ph. D. conducted
Apr. 2000 Professor Nakasu Masataka appointed the Dean
Dec. 2000 Professor Yamashita Shinsuke appointed the Dean
Dec. 2002 Professor Yamashita Shinsuke reappointed the Dean
Apr. 2004 Professor Iwata Kazuhiko appointed the Dean
Apr. 2004 Graduate School Osaka Satellite opened
Apr. 2006 Professor Iwata Kazuhiko reappointed the Dean
Sep. 2006 The 10th Anniversary Commemorative Events conducted
Apr. 2008 Professor Abe Takayoshi appointed the Dean
Apr. 2009 Field of Instructional Development in Forefront Issues was established
Apr. 2010 Professor Harada Tomohito appointed the Dean
Apr. 2012 Professor Harada Tomohito reappointed the Dean
Apr. 2014 Professor Matsumura Kyoko appointed the Dean
Apr. 2016 Professor Matsumura Kyoko reappointed the Dean
Apr. 2018 Professor Yuma Yoshikazu appointed the Dean
Apr. 2019 Gifu University and Shiga University joined JGSSSE