Aims of the Graduate School

In order to keep up with the diversification and complication of educational problems owing to rapid changes in technology, society, and educational environments, qualitatively improving and reforming the current methods and systems of school education has become an urgent need. Recognizing the educational situation at present, the Joint Graduate School has been established in association with Hyogo University of Teacher Education,Joetsu University of Education, Okayama University, and Naruto University of Education as a three-year postdoctoral course with the aim of qualitatively improving and reforming current school education. This aim can be achieved by improving and enriching teacher preparation programs from the following perspectives:

  • To establish and promote the science of school education in practice, which can contribute to the resolution of educational problems.
  • To create educational programs for nourishing the practical abilities of education and supply these programs to colleges of education.
  • To foster scholars who are able to research school education in practice on the basis of rich experience in the field of education and who are able to make contributions to colleges of education.
  • To develop highly professional teachers who can demonstrate leadership in in-service training at all levels backed up with sufficient competence for carrying out research and becoming members of school boards all over Japan.