Curriculum and Academic Degree

Characteristics of the Instructional System and Curriculum Organization

  1. In the Joint Graduate School, three teachers supervise each student so as to actualize integrated supervision in line with the characteristics of the Science of School Instruction and the Science of Content Area instruction, both of which constitute the core of educational research. Each student carries on research under the supervision of his or her chief supervisor at his or her university and at the same time he or she can acquire supervision from a vice-supervisor belonging to another university.
  2. Integrated courses organized by amalgamating each independent research field of pedagogy, content area instruction, and disciplines related to content area instruction, without being restricted within the framework of each filed, are provided under the classification shown below.
General Core Subjects Each of the subjects is taught by a team of the Graduate School faculty chosen for their expertise and interest in the interdisciplinary nature of the course.
Specialized Subjects Subjects are offered with the aim of enabling students to acquire the competence for carrying on comprehensive study on individual research topics from interdisciplinary specialized perspectives and thus to develop the competence in problem solving.
Research Projects Seminars organized according to the research topics of students in order to help them to carry on research resulting in their dissertations.
  1. Students who have jobs or acquire jobs while at school can take subjects at night or at other specific timings and periods, but this is not the case for general core subjects.